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    The people of the region are quite active and enthusiastic resembling the sea they live next to. Therefore, folk dances and local songs are developed appropriately for them. The most important Giresun folk dances are Giresun Karşılaması and the "horon". The "horon" folk dance has varieties that change according to the rhythm of the music such as flat horon, "sık saray", steep horon, welcoming, waist breaking, and swinging. The people of the region express their joy, sorrow, and spirit with the Kemençe. In historical records, the first entry of the Kemençe instrument to the Eastern Black Sea Region is Giresun's Görele district. The Görele Kemençe, which reveals its difference from other kemençe with its structure and tone, is an important part of our country and Turkish music in artistic terms. Kemençe and Culture Museum (Kemençe ve Kültür Müzesi) in Görele is also a center of attention.

    Whistle Language (Bird Language)

    The whistling communication method known as Whistle Language (Bird Language) (Islık Dili), which is unique to the region of Kuşköy in Giresun Çanakçı district, has a history of 500 years. This method of communication has been included in UNESCO's “Intangible Cultural Heritage Requiring Immediate Protection List”. A festival is organized every year in order to promote the "Whistle Language (Bird Language)", which is used by the local people in communication, and to introduce the folkloric values of the region to the next generations and to keep the cultural heritage alive.

    Giresun and its surroundings are among the richest regions of our country in terms of folk songs. These folk songs are in a very close relationship with the social and daily life of the people of the region, and they reflect very clearly the reaction of the local people to the situations and events they encounter.

    Some examples of Giresun folk songs: Mican Folk Song, Eşref Bey Folk Song, Oy Giresun Boats...