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    Until recently, women used to weave yarn in all the coastal villages in Giresun. The ropes and halters woven were required to carry cargo and goods in the past, whereas, later they are woven as ornaments.

    200-year-old Tamzara weaving in Şebinkarahisar district of Giresun is a colorful gingham fabric woven from cotton, linen, and wool. It is widely used in products such as shawls, scarves, loincloth, etc.

    In Giresun, wood and timber materials and house attachments such as "serenti", roof covers with thin planks called "hartama", kitchen tools such as pots, butter churns, spoons, in addition to cradles and fiddles are made with pieces obtained from various trees.

    Durability and sharpness of Giresun knives is their greatest feature. Its handle is made of boxwood. This knife is distinguished by its sharp blade. The duration of sharpness of the razor-sharp blade is very long.

    Generally, hazelnut trees are used in the production of baskets called "harar" and "şelek" in Giresun. There are people who know how to weave baskets in all villages in Giresun as in all Eastern Black Sea Region. Baskets of various sizes are produced to carry all kinds of loads. The basket called "şelek", woven to collect hazelnuts is the most produced and used basket in Giresun.