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    Giresun, which has hosted many civilizations throughout the history, has a rich cultural heritage. "Culinary Culture" constitutes an important aspect of this culture. The fact that Giresun has a rich flora has also affected its cuisine. The cuisine is among one of the richest vegetarian cuisines in the world. Foods in the region are generally made up of herbaceous plants, annual plant leaves, thorn tips, vegetables, and mushrooms. Kale occupies an important place in Giresun cuisine, and cabbage dibble made with kale is one of the most consumed dishes. If you visit Giresun in July, you can taste cherries in their homeland. In addition, you should not leave Giresun without tasting Giresun pidesi, which is among the essential tastes of the Black Sea.

    Since Giresun is a coastal city, seafood has an important place in its cuisine. In the plateaus and villages, white cheese, leather bryndza, and cottage cheese are produced in association with animal husbandry. A wide variety of desserts and cakes are made from hazelnuts, which have an important role in Giresun’s economy and culture. In addition, the pekmezli simit (molasses bagel without sesame), which is baked in local bakeries, is unique to Giresun.

    Among the geographically indicated products; Görele ice cream, Camoluk sweet dried bean, Giresun hazelnut paste, Giresun plump and pointed hazelnut, Giresun Kalınkara hazelnut, Piraziz apple, Alucra goat kebab, Çavuşlu bread are among the most known local flavors of Giresun.